ICU Technologies, Inc., the leader in public safety security technology solutions, announced Tommy Smith as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective immediately replacing outgoing CEO Brian Van Norman.

Tommy Smith, ICU Chief Operating Officer (COO), assumed all CEO responsibilities and will continue to serve as COO. Brian Van Norman remains with ICU Technologies as its Chairman of the Board, helping to develop new strategies for the firm going forward.

For the last 23 years, Tommy has focused exclusively on the security technology industry mastering a variety of roles including technician, engineer, superintendent, project manager, program manager, Director of Engineering & Operations, and COO. Tommy is one of ICU’s first employees, joining the leadership team in his first role. Prior to entering the security industry, Tommy proudly served our nation as a member of the United States Air Force.

“My proud dedication to our nation and our armed forces has always been a part of who I am, and as such my career in security has always been directed toward government,” said Tommy. “Whether it be securing military bases or local communities and education facilities, I am passionately dedicated to serving our nation and its communities by making them safer.”

“Under my guidance as CEO, ICU will continue to demand more of ourselves, our processes, and our partners to ensure that our clients can demand the most of us. The structure, processes, and investment that the ownership and leadership teams have invested over the past few years have positioned ICU for exciting growth in opportunities in both revenue and employee count, which I am extremely excited to lead,” explained Tommy.

The move to promote Tommy to CEO was deliberate and well planned, having been in discussion and process for more than one year.

Brian stated, “As ICU powers into the next phase of growth, we are excited to announce that Tommy Smith will be promoted to Chief Executive Officer. As COO, Tommy has demonstrated his leadership and organizational skills, and he’s done an amazing job assisting the company with growth. Under his guidance and leadership, ICU Technologies is well-positioned to continue its amazing growth trajectory in the Public Safety Technology space. As a founding owner, I couldn’t be more excited for the team’s future here at ICU as I am confident that Tommy is the best man for the job!”

“I love everything about working at ICU, and I am proud to say I am not the only ICU employee that feels this way,” Tommy explained. “We have been fortunate to build a business that feels like family. ICU’s ownership and leadership teams have focused on building an outstanding team whose foundation includes best practices, efficient processes, and an employee-focused corporate culture. We vowed to be an organization that truly values and rewards our employees, and to be a partner that makes a positive impact on each of our clients. These are things that we have not, nor never will lose sight of. These are the reasons why I love leading ICU!”

Prior to his promotion to CEO, Tommy’s responsibilities as the COO were to oversee and drive excellence from both Operations and Engineering departments. As CEO he will also be executing ICU’s strategy, aligning the organization, leading ICU’s team in every department, and working closely with ICU’s board to ensure that the vision is both seamless and achieved. He has been actively engaged in these responsibilities already throughout his career at ICU.

“As COO my top initiatives were driving excellence within our teams, ensuring client satisfaction is exceeded, and that referenceable and measurable business objectives were realized,” described Tommy. “As CEO, these remain at the top of my initiatives list, but joining them are continued overall company growth, and the growth of ICU’s capabilities, opportunities, teams, geography, and presence.”

Tommy considers himself “an adventurous family man” who enjoys the outdoors with his family. From hiking and fishing to dirt biking and snowmobiling – and even some rugged shopping at the mall with his fiancé and daughters – he is always game for some adventures surrounded by his family. “All the time, no matter what activity is involved, my personal life surrounds my family.”

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