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Weapons on Campuses – The Threat is Real

It’s simple: Weapons aren’t allowed on our campuses or in our schools.

Yet, the sobering reality is that knives, guns, and explosive devices get past security and inside school perimeters. They are often undetected until it’s too late.

Solving this pervasive problem is essential to prevent school tragedies. Now more than ever, the latest technology in weapons detection is a crucial safety solution for your district.


From Your Weapons Detection Solutions

Safe school settings without waiting in line

Students, faculty, and visitors can walk through a weapons-screening system as they enter your school building without disruption. That means no stopping, emptying pockets, bags or backpacks, or waiting in line. Today it’s possible to provide enhanced safety without sacrificing the welcoming experience that students and teachers deserve for a productive learning environment.

Our solutions are revolutionizing security screening by combining advanced sensors and AI to protect students, faculty, and visitors during school hours as well as indoor and outdoor school events from concealed weapons. And no additional staff is required.

1. Technology automatically detects weapons

2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with analyst assigns threat priority

3. Onsite security is notified in real time for fast response

Improved Threat Detection

Traditional security screening was not designed for today’s dynamic threats. Legacy technologies such as metal detectors are now impractical and obsolete for many reasons:

Costs to properly staff and maintain is inordinately high

The technology is expensive despite being “behind the times”

Processes are slow and disruptive to daily school life

It looks threatening, feels depressing, and wastes time

New Weapons Detection Technology You Need Now

New solutions powered by AI and designed specifically with schools in mind are now available. Take advantage of technology that is:


touchless – no bag checks or pat-downs


perform precisely, silently, and instantly


unobtrusive — blends in with the environment


easily installed indoor or outdoors


far less costly than traditional solutions


robust — capable of screening thousands of people per hour

Let’s face it, we need to do more – and we need to do it smarter with fewer resources

Security is important to every school district. At ICU Technologies, we understand that today’s districts need cost-effective safety solutions that require fewer resources and still produce reliable results.

We help many districts just like yours implement the best technology within budget restrictions. Let’s keep guns and other weapons out of our schools.

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