ICU Technologies, Inc., the leader in public safety security technology solutions, is thrilled to announce Tanner Scheurer has recently been promoted to Solutions Engineer. Tanner’s new role allows him to apply his years of security technology system installation knowledge and experience to design systems for ICU’s customers.

Tanner joined ICU in 2019 where, among many responsibilities, he helped supervise the complex installation of hundreds of security system cameras at a major central California school district. During his tenure with ICU, Tanner supervised many public safety security technology solutions project installations for local government, law enforcement agencies, and public-school systems.

His background in security technology system installation began in 2014 when he entered the industry as a technician. He enjoyed the challenge of commissioning new systems and quickly learned the ins-and-outs of effective system installation. That led him to a supervisory role where he successfully managed multiple teams, led projects to on-time and on-budget completion, and honed his industry expertise.

It was then he was introduced to ICU Technologies. Tanner explains, “I was very impressed with the precision of pre-planning, engineering, and the execution of the projects ICU was involved in,” compelling him to join the company. He further explains, “I greatly enjoy being a part of the ICU family and “demanding more” for public safety. We have accomplished challenging goals and I enjoy being part of a team that grows stronger each year.”

When Tanner is not supervising system installations you will find him engaged in a wide range of outdoor activities including horseback riding where, in his spare time, he helps his wife run their own equine facility.

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