– S.O.A.R. K12 PROGRAM –

Sustainable Outcomes Accelerated Results

ICU Technologies

Committed to Educational Outcomes

We understand that school districts and agencies don’t buy security technology for the thrill of it. You have goals to meet and critical issues to fix. We understand. We share those same goals and ICU Technologies is ready to help you achieve desired outcomes such as:

Teacher Adoption

Enhanced Safety

Student Engagement

Reduction In Bullying

Elimination of Campus Violence

Student Confidence

Increase in ADA

Outcomes Equal Purpose

These shared goals, or outcomes, provide the purpose for the projects, making it essential that, as partners, we collaborate to define a clear path forward that measures, establishes, and sustains success.

ICU’s SOAR K12 Program was created to ensure our customers’ security technologies investments deliver the promised results when our strategic plans and project designs are implemented.

How SOAR K12 Program Works

Once the project is underway, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) work with your stakeholders to assemble a SOAR Team.

The SOAR Team consists of district staff, manufacturer contacts, and ICU SMEs. The SOAR Team’s responsibility is to ensure that the business objectives and strategic outcomes associated with the project are actualized.

This team also defines critical metrics that matter and outline a path to achieve results. These metrics are used to guide progress and gauge impact.

The defined path to success should be comprehensive and is often multi-faceted. And the path needs to ensure that the district experiences the outcomes that they set out to achieve.

Having an array of unified subject matter experts all focusing together to define a path to success is a rewarding and an essential part of SOAR.

Sustainable Outcomes Accelerated Results.

Demand more from your technology solutions, your vendors, and your teams. 

Let’s soar together.

Choose a partner that ensures success and your security efforts will SOAR.

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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