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by | Jun 7, 2022 | Government Security Solutions, Public Security Solutions, School Safety

Students, staff, parents, and other regular visitors to school campuses or community must stay safe while onsite. When someone sees an issue, it’s crucial that they have an option to quickly say something when they see something—and with the ability to say it anonymously so that they feel safe in standing up instead of feeling afraid to speak up.

With ICU Technologies, students, teachers, and staff can communicate anonymously that something is not right, hears a threat, sees something in someone’s backpack, or witnesses bullying or violence.

With our anonymous tipping solutions, we’ve helped stop several terrible events, including school shootings and drug deals. Our anonymous tip reporting technologies help connect students and others who are in significant need of mental health intervention get the help they desperately deserve before they hurt themselves or anyone else. This is an issue that is not addressed as much as it deserves.

Providing your staff and students with the tools to submit anonymous tips such as, “My friend has a gun in his locker,” to arming your security staff with the access to those tips is a critical element in making sure that students and staff are safe and get the attention they need.

ICU Technologies is invested in campus and community safety. Beyond our professional commitment, our team includes parents of children attending K-12 schools and colleges, as well as spouses who are career classroom teachers. We are personally invested in your family’s safety and security, and we are ready to help solve this problem with you. It’s never been more urgent and important than now.

An expert here will make time for you to talk about a campus safety and security program customized for your school district. Contact us today to learn more about ICU Technologies at

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