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Safety and security needs have evolved. Local governments, school districts and universities, and law enforcement agencies need solutions to address critical issues such as threat prevention, event detection, situational awareness, forensic investigation, and employee/staff security.

And today, with the economic impacts of COVID-19 and reductions to law enforcement budgets, local government is expected to do more with less.  At ICU we can help you leverage technology to do better with less.

Whether your focus is on business-critical communications, video security analytics or operational management software, ICU Technologies is prepared to help your organization ensure a safe and healthy environment, and safeguard the people you need to protect.

ICU’s Spheres of Influence

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Threat Prevention

ICU’s technology solutions are comprehensive and provide options for any of your organization’s prevention program’s needs.

Threat prevention efforts are less expensive, requires fewer law enforcement resources, and has the potential to save human lives.

Our focus on prevention is based on a combination of understanding human behavior and evolving technologies. Fast throughput touchless weapons detection allows for effective, yet unobtrusive entry experiences.

Anonymous mobile reporting systems provide anonymous reporting of potential threats and work in concert with early warning and perimeter threat detection systems to keep your staff and boundaries secure.


Anonymous Reporting


Touchless Screening


Early Warning Perimeter Analytics


Remote Talk-Down Audio

Event Detection

The key to an effective security system starts with detection capability. ICU combines state-of-the art camera technology with expert engineering so you can count on our systems to meet your security or crime-fighting objectives.

We offer off-site remote monitoring to keep your personnel costs down and keep your facilities safe — even during low-threat hours. A variety of sensors can be added to school or government facilities to provide real time alerts for things like vaping, presence detection, gunshot alerts, and even unusual activities (through machine learning technology).

ICUs Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) systems provide industry standard analytics and alerting capacity which can be customized to meet your jurisdictions policy parameters.

One of the things which makes ICU unique in the security technology arena is our ability to seamlessly integrate existing systems into newly deployed technology to save money for our partner government agencies.


Public Safety Cameras with Analytics


Remote Video Monitoring


Presence Detection and Other Sensors


Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR)


Aggression Level & Vaping Detection

Situational Awareness

Virtually all of ICUs offerings enhance situational awareness. Agencies with responsibility for the safety of people understand there is more to just knowing a threat exists. Such knowledge should be linked with effective, real time information, and excellent integration with all available security systems working seamlessly together to provide clear information to responders.


Data such as floor plans, ShotSpotter triggers, and remote overwatch capabilities with the live positions of first responders like police, security, fire, EMS & public works are all layered and accessible via a common interface.


Video Analytics


Remote Power Solutions


Camera Registry with Real Time Video


Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) technology

Forensic Investigation

ICU offers efficient security data management and meaningful retrieval methods so analysts can strategically guide your agency’s efforts through predictive analysis.

Far too often, the data/information exists, but is not easily retrieved or interpreted. Law enforcement, security, and other government organizations maintaining video technology have learned the value of adding analytic search capacity.

Before analytics, those needing information would spend dozens of hours watching video to find the needle in the haystack. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. With strategically placed automated license plate readers (ALPRs) providing alerts, responders can minimize uncoordinated and minimally effective personal efforts while the system is constantly logging critical data.

Searches for key investigative leads can be accomplished quickly to maximize the staff time of your personnel. Most importantly, alerts sent when a wanted vehicle enters your area enables responders to make an arrest before the offender has a chance to victimize someone in your jurisdiction.


Time-Saving Crime/ Incident Analysis


Appearance/Vehicle/ Object Search


Automated License Plate Readers

Employee-Staff security

A properly designed video security system, when coupled with an effectively managed access control system, forms the backbone for your employee security.

No employee should feel fearful at work. Leaders recognize they can truly demonstrate their concern by deploying the highest quality, cutting-edge video, and access control systems.

Wireless distress systems, when coupled with real time video feeds to responders, will bolster operational success and possibly save lives.

Beyond building the security infrastructure, ICU uniquely offers post-installation scenario-based training — overseen by a retired FBI agent. While most technology companies restrict their training to the use of their software, we help you meet your security objectives by organizing on-site scenario training.

This extra effort ensures our systems are effective and the people operating the systems are well prepared.


Video Security


Electronic Access Control


Wireless Duress and Body Cameras


Post-Installation Scenario-Based Training

High Levels of Safety are Achievable with ICU

"ICU came out and listened to our problems. After that, they showed us the new Avigilon analytics technology and how it could help our situation. They even suggested specific camera placement during the initial walk-through. It was a game-changer for us, and we were really impressed with what we saw."

David S., Director of IT

A California County Office of Education

“I’ve worked with ICU in the past and am familiar with their GSA/CMAS contract process which cuts through the red tape and makes purchasing and installation as streamlined as possible—especially in an emergency. In uncertain times, some companies might up their pricing, but partnering with companies like ICU which are GSA/CMAS contract holders, protects us as the pricing schedule is in place prior to the emergency and has been approved as being legal, reasonable and competitive.”

Al F, Security/Facilities Director
A California Community College

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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