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Starts with Choosing the Right Security Cameras

Choosing the correct camera for a security system can be challenging. Environmental factors and knowing what your “scene objectives” are significantly affects your choices and determines if you have usable video for an incident.

Most organizations do not have a full-time Security Systems manager or director with the expertise to design a cost-effective security camera plan. All too often organizations choose the wrong security camera systems resulting in unusable video of a desired event or insufficient forensic details.

Working with a trusted Security Systems Partner like ICU Technologies means you will have peace of mind knowing that quality video is ready when you need it.

Do You Know What Your “Scene Objectives” Are?

A woman and man hold the ends of a sign diplaying an illustrated infographic flow diagram demonstrating ICU Technologies' Proven Process of security cameras procurement and installation that generates the best outcomes.

ICU is Exclusively Focused on K12 Schools and Law Enforcement

We are security camera experts whose job it is to specify the right cameras for school districts and police departments enabling them to focus on their core mission and manage security demands worry-free.

ICU’s Design Engineers are industry trained and certified in the security technology solutions we provide. We’ll design a customized security camera strategy aligned with both your business objectives and your scene objectives to ensure proper coverage, allowing you to identify threats if incidents occur. That’s what you should expect when you demand more.

ICU understands the importance of a well designed and executed security solution. Selection of the correct camera for the scene objective results in mitigating and deterring unwanted events.

ICU Can Help You Choose the Correct Surveillance Camera To:


Deter Crime, Bullying, and School Violence


Discourage Vandalism and Trespassing


Proactively Monitor Main Entry/Exit Entrances and School Grounds


Monitor After Hours Community Use of Ground


Capture High Resolution Video For Forensics


Receive Event-Based Alerts Triggered by Video Analytics

What You Should Demand

From Your Security Cameras Solutions provider

Ensure Security Objectives Are Met

ICU is Focused On Building Trusted Partnerships

We Bring stakeholders Together

Identify More Offenders

Purpose-Built Technology Helps Identify Crime Fast

Reduce Unwanted Activity with Excellent First Point of Resistence

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Demand Faster response times

ICU's Security teams can remote monitor each location/school

Demand More

Here’s What It Means to Demand More

Demand Only the Best Security Cameras Available

Demand a 5-Year Warranty

We Include That.

Demand IR (infrared) or Adaptive IR

Demand Input/Output Audio

For sirens, microphones, and IP Speakers (Talk-Down)

Demand Avigilon appearance search

Demand License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Demand High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)

Demand Lightcatcher Technology

Demand American Made Security Cameras

Demand ONVIF Compliant Security Cameras

Demand Cameras with Wide Dynamic Range

Demand H.265 Cameras

Demand Actionable Analytics

Demand Advanced Object Detection (or Classification)

Demand Event-Based Notifications


We’re Ready to Get Started

The ICU Difference

Why Our Customers Love Working With Us

We Identify & Understand Each Camera Location

we educate and consult

ICU will help you identify and understand your “Scene Objectives” and camera enviornment.

Our Process Is the ICU Difference

Our well-honed process is the result of decades of experience with security technology solutions and government departments helping decision-makers like you.

ICU are public safety security technology experts

All we do is deliver comprehensive safety technology solutions for government agencies.

ICU is exclusively focused on K12 & law enforcement

We’ve built our operations around the proposal process government agencies and our passion and background enables us to be subject matter experts.

We fit within state, local and federal guidelines for pricing approval and regulations

Your team can order directly from us without the lengthy and complicated bidding process.

We build Bridges Between Silos

Part of our formula is to bridge the gap between departments and combine resources like staff and budgets for a better solution that protects the public and assets.

Leverage Our Purchasing Vehicles as Alternatives to RFPs

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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