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Local government infrastructure includes buildings, like city halls or county government centers, where the public visits and employees work. Too often, employees who work at public service counters feel fear when dealing with agitated members of the public. Most government structures have secure areas for employee workspace, records, and equipment storage, each of which need heightened levels of security.

In addition to the main buildings, most local government also have vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance facilities, or other critical infrastructure which are sometimes the target of criminals. Taxpayer fuel, tools, vehicles, and critical infrastructure should all be protected.

The Future of

Public Safety Technology

Forward thinking elected leaders and police leaders who are responsible for the safety of the public in parks and open spaces have approved of the use of technology to keep people safe.

Protection from the best analytic camera systems can alert authorities to suspicious or unsafe circumstances so first responders can be there before things go bad.

Even for simple applications like enforcing the closing time at local parks, cameras can alert police so illegal camping activities don’t “take root.”

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ICU’s team of industry leading experts can provide technical expertise, assistance with public outreach and policy development, and a streamlined GSA/MAS procurement process.

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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