Livestream 911 Calls to Reduce Response Times

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Live911 Cuts Response Time and Saves Lives

When every second matters during an emergency, Live911 allows first responders to hear 911 emergency calls in real-time and immediately identify caller location vastly improving situational awareness.

Will 30 Seconds Make a Difference to a 911 Caller in Distress?

Live911 Connects 911 Callers Directly with the Responding Officers

Hear 911 calls at the same time as call taker

Receive immediate situation updates and location changes.

Pre-Arrival De-Escalation Now Possible

Responding Officer knows who and what is involved before they arrive on scene.

See precise location displayed on map

Use location info to vector-in responders and even drones as part of a drone response program.

A Groundbreaking & Cost Saving Response Solution

Live911 provides the ability for first responders in the field to monitor the location and audio of incoming 911 emergency calls.

In addition, support personnel such as Watch Commanders, UAS Operators (DFR), Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) Staff, Incident Commanders, EOC Staff, etc. are able to monitor the situation simultaneously.

The geotagged call is provided to field personnel within a pre-determined radius. The intent is to provide first responders with the most immediate and complete information of an ongoing emergency incident.

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Live911 is Game-Changing

When the national conversation is focused on officer de-escalation and improved decision-making, Live911 is the right call.


Available for any police department, small, medium, or large, nationwide


Affordable Public Safety Technology Solution


Easily Integrates with Existing 911 Center Technology

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