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Don’t let a lack of resources keep you from properly monitoring your school’s security systems or relegate your cameras to being simply a forensic tool. If your school district is unable to actively monitor your security systems, including after-hours, plenty can go wrong. For example:

Missing critical incidents and events in real time that could have been de-escalated or avoided.

Unable to facilitate comprehensive and routine patrols.

Unable to respond immediately to your analytics and urgent notifications from license plate recognition, intruder detection, and unusual activity.

Failed components go undiscovered.

NVRs stop recording and you are unaware.

PTZs are pointed incorrectly or thoughtlessly meaning you are missing critical events.

It can be better. Gain peace of mind knowing your school is protected. ICU Technologies has a variety of live monitoring and health-check solutions, all customized to meet your specific needs.

Live Monitoring Solutions

Your Security System Can Stop Crime Before It Happens

ICU Technologies offers a variety of live monitoring and health-check solutions that are completely customized to each campus environment. We consider your existing technology and staffing assets, as well as the security objectives of every campus, to create a live monitoring solution that works specifically for you.

Our live monitoring solutions wrap smart technologies featuring high-definition (HD) cameras equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with highly trained agents. Our approach allows us to achieve complete coverage where potential threats are identified immediately and stopping crime before it can happen.

Because we combine health checks with active monitoring, human response by trained agents, AI technologies, and periodic testing with reporting, our solutions are unprecedented in the industry. 

And, better yet, ICU’s solutions can all be purchased using our no-bid GSA and CMAS contract vehicles.

ICU’s Live Monitoring Featured Options:

Staff Escort

We actively provide monitoring while teachers and staff egress the campus or walk to their car.

System Health Checks

We’ll find issues with your systems proactively allowing your security solutions to perform optimally all of the time.

After Hours Unusual Activity Detection

We identify unusual activities and actively participate in thwarting or deescalating them before something bad happens.

Enhanced First Response

Through human voice down and coordinating with first responders.

Panic Buttons

And other innovative security solutions are leveraged to provide peace of mind and immediate access to safety needs.

Detailed Reporting

Demonstrates how well your systems and live monitoring solutions are working.

Demand More From Your Security Solutions Partner.

Your school security system should be making you feel more secure. Ask ICU Technologies to help…

Thwart unwanted activities with active patrolling whenever you need it

Prevent theft, break-ins, vandalism and other property damage

Get automated and human response to alerts

Get notification validations

Stop loitering, trespassing, access control issues, and frivolous lawsuits

Reduce liability and risk

Identify threats before they escalate

Proactively identify maintenance needs

Quickly notify onsite personal or local authorities

Demand More from ICU Technologies

ICU Technologies is exclusively focused on K-12 and law enforcement – a perfect combination of expertise and experience to ensure your security is optimal and meets your unique needs.

Our school safety expertise is in the essential security technologies required to effectively monitor campus environments. Our experience is reflected in the outstanding results produced by our highly trained and trustworthy agents. Yet despite our proven track record, we’re never complacent, never not focused on constant improvement. And that’s why we want you to Demand More from ICU.

We Build Bridges Between Silos

Part of our formula is to bridge the gap between departments and combine resources like staff and budgets for a better solution that protects the public and assets.

We Fit Within State, Local and Federal Guidelines for Pricing Approval and Regulations

We’ve built our operations around the proposal process government agencies and our passion and background enables us to be subject matter experts. Your team can order directly from us without the lengthy and complicated bidding process.

The ICU Difference

Our Proven Process Results in Customized, Strategic Objectives

Our Education Industry Expertise Delivers Measurable Results that Make an Immediate Impact

Leverage Our Purchasing Vehicles as Alternatives to RFPs

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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