“Skewered through and through with office pens and bound hand and foot with red tape.” -Charles Dickens

If you’ve ever launched a new public safety or security solution, you know how this feels. It seems as though the projects we work on are actually made of red tape. But it doesn’t need to be that way. At ICU, we leverage our 75 years of combined experience and our specialized proven process-designed exclusively for government agencies to help you overcome the obstacles common to government projects.

Here are the three ways ICU can help you break through the red tape and go straight to measurable business outcomes:

1.  Our Contracting Vehicles are Made to Drive Through Red Tape

If you’ve been through a typical bidding process for your department, you know how much time it takes to narrow a wide search down to three vendors, and that’s assuming that you’re only using one vendor for a project, which is unlikely given that many vendors are specialized in their solutions. It’s a lot of work just to get into a position where you have bids in hand, and that process must be completed in addition to your regular workload. Our GSA and CMAS contract vehicles eliminate that bidding process entirely. It’s based on a cooperative purchasing agreement set up through the government, so the prices are
pre-negotiated and pre-approved.

2.  Our Process is Tailored to Your Needs

Many solution providers have a narrow technology focus within a large scope of industries. At ICU, it’s the opposite—and for good reason. See, we only work with government agencies (because we know about all the obstacles and challenges that come with – government projects). This allows us to leverage our process while providing the full range of safety and security solutions necessary to provide measurable outcomes for the public that you keep safe. We’ve streamlined our method for assessment, implementation and support to work within the framework of the leaders on your team. We’ll project manage from day one so you can focus on normal daily tasks. Leave all the heavy lifting to ICU.

3.  Our Projects are Solutions, Not just Technology

Going down the wrong path for a solution could wind up costing you (really the tax-payer) millions of dollars and years of your staff’s time. Often, the disconnect between a consultant and the technology solution provided, the different vendors necessary for a solution, or even the solution provider sales and implementation teams can lead to a solution that doesn’t produce the intended results. We strive to have every key stakeholder involved with every project from the beginning, This is what allows us to design and deliver measurable outcomes for your community instead of just plugging some cameras in and turning them on.

With these processes in place, ICU is able to cut through the red tape and help you complete projects that make you look like a rock star in your department. More importantly, we help you deliver results for your community that contribute to their safety and well-being.

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