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Schools are bombarded with compliance requirements for a wide variety of elements, and are equally beset with the responsibility of campus safety and security and the constant need to be diligent about both.

There are so many elements that require monitoring, more than 20 including temperature, vape particulates, light levels, and aggressive sounds. Traditionally, budget constraints have meant choosing which elements to monitor, and you can’t have 20+ different sensors mounted throughout your facilities. That’s not practical and it’s absolutely not an effective strategy.

That’s where multifunction sensors play a significant role. ICU’s monitoring sensors help achieve compliance while enhancing student safety. Our solution for multi-function sensors is HALO.

Take School Safety to the Next Level On Budget

Rest assured you’ve contributed significantly to your school’s compliance, safety, and security goals, while also working within your budget, when you partner with ICU Technologies and integrate Halo multifunction sensors.

School districts can monitor more than 20 factors with a single sensor solution making HALO a great budget-friendly choice. This empowers school districts to minimize the number of vendors and manufacturers needed to achieve your campus monitoring needs and goals.

HALO sensors solve a wide variety of problems right out of the box, and when integrated with other campus safety and security systems, schools can legitimately take school safety to the next level. 

Stop unwanted vaping in bathrooms

Provide automated and personnel response to issues faster

Meet state compliance requirements

Increase district marketability by enhancing campus safety and security

Enhance human confidence with keyword monitoring

Thwart bulling through aggression detection

Centralize monitoring for sensor monitoring

Dynamic Air Particulate Monitoring

Create safer classrooms

HALO Multifunction Sensors

ICU Technology’s sensor solution integrates with other systems allowing school districts to DEMAND MORE™ of themselves with confidence because they are leveraging all available resources and response options without adding additional staff.

Many districts buy multiple sensor systems when our solution offers a single sensor.  With every sensor deployed (such as CO2, gunshot, occupancy, aggression, vaping, etc.) the district typically has multiple vendors involved.  With ICU’s monitoring solution, you can solve more problems with a single vendor and solution which other sensors cannot replicate, nor are competitor sensors centrally managed.

HALO is an IP-based solution that centralizes configuration, monitoring, and alerting so that schools can enhance campus safety and security. HALO can also be configured to interoperate with other safety systems such as:

HALO Multifunction Sensors Monitor More Than 20 Different Environmental Attributes Across Five Categories:








Barometric Pressure







Light Levels


Device Covering


Building Efficiency





Carbon Monoxide (CO)


Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Air Quality




Vape with THC


Vape Masking


Particulates (1,2.5,10 micron)







Abnormal Noise




Keyword (Up to Five Keywords)

Why Our Customers Love Working With Us

ICU Technologies is the only security solution partner exclusively focused on California K12 on the federal GSA contract.  This means that ICU diligently maintains the standards in business operations and ethics that schools need. We deliver on spec and on budget, keeping the entire process as easy as possible for you and your team.

ICU is exclusively focused on K12 & law enforcement

We’ve built our operations around the proposal process government agencies and our passion and background enables us to be subject matter experts.

We fit within state, local and federal guidelines for pricing approval and regulations

Your team can order directly from us without the lengthy and complicated bidding process.

All of Our Products and Services Have Pre-Negotiated Pricing

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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