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Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) functionality is now available to small and medium sized agencies, law enforcement, school districts, and universities.

ICU Technologies’ expertise in security technologies positions us to help you understand and implement future-forward, scalable, and cost-effective solutions like Fusus.

Fūsus creates a central hub that enhances the situational awareness and investigative capabilities of law enforcement and public safety agencies. Investigations and incident management are more efficient by fusing CAD, video and data assets into a unified Real Time Crime Center in the Cloud platform.

Fūsus is the first to unify live video, data and sensor feeds from virtually any source, creating a Real-Time Crime Center In The Cloud that enhances the situational awareness and investigative capabilities of law enforcement and public safety agencies.

Real-Time Crime Center In the Cloud

Whether it’s a UAV, a building security camera, or a bomb disposal robot, fūsus can extract the live video feed and send it to your emergency operations center and officers in the field, improving their operational intelligence.

Personnel & Data Management

Fūsus combines video with real-time officer geolocator feeds, IoT sensor data, floorplans, and external data feeds, giving tactical teams and emergency response personnel the edge they need to operate more effectively.

Investigations & Evidence Management

We create a public safety ecosystem that includes a registry map of all the public and private cameras in your region, a multi-media tips line for the public, and a cloud-based digital evidence vault for investigators.

Linked Cameras

Locations Connected

Population Protected


fūsus will break down silos and defragment public and private video security networks in your region. 



Collaborative Network Structures. Smooth Deployment.

Fusus unifies security camera feeds from city cameras, transit cameras, and privately owned cameras like those at a convenience store, a school, a church or an office building, enabling your police department to build closer ties to the community. By registering doorbell cameras, residents can also play an active role in crime reduction initiatives.

ICU Technologies will lead you every step of the way, ensuring smooth, on-time deployments, and ongoing consultation and support.

A Unified Public-Private Video & Situational Awareness Platform

Break Down Silos

Remove the barriers created by disparate camera systems by fusing all private and public video sources.

Improve Emergency Response

Fūsus Alert allows system users to request help with the press of a button. When an alert happens, the nearest video camera feeds are automatically activated so dispatchers or security operation centers can see the event as it occurs and even rewind to see what occurred

Enhance Situational Awareness

Give first responders a unified view of all cameras, including internal building cameras, accessible from their mobile devices.

Effectively Manage Resources

Enable greater remote command and control of all first responders with live, actionable information. Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works are all available within one map, creating a common operating picture.

The ICU Difference

Why Our Customers Love Working With Us

The ICU Difference Is Our Process

Our well-honed process is the result of decades of experience with security technology solutions and government departments helping decision-makers like you.

public safety security technology experts

All we do is deliver comprehensive safety technology solutions for government agencies.

Our Focus Is Government

We’ve built our operations around the proposal process government agencies and our passion and background enables us to be subject matter experts.

We Help You Break the Silos

Part of our formula is to bridge the gap between departments and combine resources like staff and budgets for a better solution that protects the public and assets.

We fit within state, local and federal guidelines for pricing approval and regulations

Your team can order directly from us without the lengthy and complicated bidding process.

All of Our Products and Services Have Pre-Negotiated Pricing

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