Covid-19 Relief Funds Buy School Security Technologies

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Public Security Solutions, School Safety

COVID-19 relief funds are available for cameras, access control systems, private LTE, real time response control solutions & more

$82 billion was just allocated to the Education Stabilization Fund by the Federal government. The newly available funds are four times larger than the original CARES Act that passed in the spring of 2020.

Did you know these new relief funds may be used to increase and improve the security technology solutions that better protect your students, staff and administrators?


California is set to receive $6.8 billion for K-12 schools. Contact us to find out how much has been allocated for your school district. 

These funds may be allocated to purchase a wide range of educational technologies, including security technology solutions like cameras, access control systems, Private LTE solutions, and affordable cloud-based Real Time Response Center options like Fūsus

As a GSA contract holder our experts are ready to help you learn more and implement this cutting-edge, cost-effective technology using Covid-19 relief funds. 

The following are expected Covid-19 Relief fund allocations for select California school districts:


Los Angeles Unified: $1,208,000,000


Fresno Unified: $182,103,000


Sacramento City Unified: $66,186,000


San Diego Unified: $128,056,000


Oakland Unified: $60,756,000


San Bernardino Unified: $107,687,000

icu technologies is a gsa contract holder & education-focused security technology expert

No other California-based company is better positioned to help guide you through the process as is ICU Technologies.  The time is now to budget and allocate these funds before they are gone and we are here to help you.

Start here to request an appointment or call us at (530) 488-7200.

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