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Contract purchasing vehicles such as General Services Administration Multiple Awards Schedule (GSA MAS), Cooperative Purchasing, and California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS) provide public sector organizations an opportunity to purchase required security technology solutions without the need for time-consuming, often wasteful, messy, and expensive RFPs.

ICU Technologies is one of the only GSA/CMAS approved partners available in California focused exclusively on K-12 and universities in the campus safety and security sector. Our proprietary processes are tailored to the unique environments of schools and our offerings were hand selected specifically for districts.

Let us show you how your district can use these optional contracting vehicles. 

Cut Yourself Free from the RFP

ICU Offers RFP-Free Contract Purchasing Options For Public Sector Organizations

No one looks forward to producing Request for Proposals (RFPs) which are time consuming, stressful, often political, and almost always misaligned with actual needs and goals. RFPs frequently lead to expensive implementations that leave customers (you) dissatisfied. In fact, recent survey data reports 87% of school districts are significantly dissatisfied with projects associated with RFPs. 

Furthermore, many districts are blindsided by vendors that sell products that are not compliant with the Trade Agreement Act (TAA) and are therefore susceptible to severe scrutiny or expensive removal. Many districts today are facing political and financial backlash because they implemented non-TAA compliant systems. By leveraging optional contract vehicles, districts can confidently purchase solutions from ethical and certified partners like ICU Technologies.

Districts are looking for alternatives to RFPs and ICU has the answers.

GSA MAS and CMAS offer you two trusted contract purchasing vehicles that empower districts with an alternative to error-prone RFPs. But, they are both very different from one another. Let’s quickly review both.


California Multiple Awards Schedule

CMAS has no dollar limit for local government and education organizations. However, there are stringent limitations on how much professional services can be included. CMAS also has limiting guideless for non-specified products – products that need to be included in a project but aren’t specifically listed on the contract.

Nevertheless, CMAS is a great contract option in particular situations, but buyers beware that it offers no intrinsic protection from unauthorized dealers and gray market materials. Another important fact to consider is that CMAS does NOT maintain any pricing or parts list and requires that all CMAS contracts are tied to a GSA base contract.


General Services Administration Multiple Awards Schedule

GSA MAS offers the most flexibility to public sector buyers.  It too has no purchasing limit however, it does NOT limit professional services.  In fact, GSA allows elite partners to have multiple categories of professional services to offer tailored contracts to fit any customer situation.

GSA MAS also allows up to 33% of the contract value to be products that aren’t specifically listed on the contract so that projects can maintain integrity.

Furthermore, GSA MAS requires that partners are properly certified and have the capability of maintaining the stringent requirements for ethical and sustained business operations.

Finally, GSA MAS is diligent in its pursuit to ensure that buyers are protected from unsafe products which aren’t TAA compliant.

The Trend is Clear. RFPs Do Not Produce the Best Results.

Alternatives such as GSA Cooperative Purchasing are amazingly simple and powerful options for districts to get the right solutions from elite partners that are aligned with district objectives.

Think You Can’t Use GSA? You can. It’s time to DEMAND MORE Purchasing Options from Your Security Solutions Partner.

It’s a common misconception that your district cannot use GSA, but that is not the case. Every single public sector entity in the US has access to leverage GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing program.

And your biggest challenge – finding a qualified GSA partner who specializes in California K-12 schools and universities – is now conquered because you found ICU Technologies and we ready to help you today.

Finding a qualified security technology partner can be challenging because it is not easy to become verified as a GSA approved vendor. The process that a business must go through to be able to offer GSA to their customers is extremely comprehensive.

The federal government conducts a series of extensive due diligence checks to ensure that the partner can maintain the financial, ethical, and business practices required to sustain a GSA relationship with their customer base.

Additionally, these verifications include a deep dive into ensuring the partner has the proper manufacturer authorizations, competitive pricing, and a thorough analysis of the line card to certify that all of the products are safe and TAA compliant.

ICU Technologies is a GSA approved security technology vendor. We have met and passed all of these rigorous qualifications and reviews and we are ready to put our K12 security solutions expertise to work for you today. Give us a call.

Why Our Customers Love Working With Us

ICU is exclusively focused on K12 & law enforcement

We’ve built our operations around the proposal process government agencies and our passion and background enables us to be subject matter experts.

ICU are public safety security technology experts

All we do is deliver comprehensive safety technology solutions for government agencies.

We build Bridges Between Silos

Part of our formula is to bridge the gap between departments and combine resources like staff and budgets for a better solution that protects the public and assets.

We fit within state, local and federal guidelines for pricing approval and regulations

Your team can order directly from us without the lengthy and complicated bidding process.

All of Our Products and Services Have Pre-Negotiated Pricing

Our Customer-Forward Approach is Unique in the Industry

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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