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3 Ways TipNow Can Create a Safer Public Environment

We’ve all seen too many violent tragedies to count in the recent history of the United States, and beyond. While it’s sadly too late to prevent any of those losses, it’s not too late to take the action necessary to prevent these tragedies in the future. That’s exactly...

How ICU Blasts Through Red Tape of Public Safety Security Solutions

"Skewered through and through with office pens and bound hand and foot with red tape.” -Charles Dickens If you’ve ever launched a new public safety or security solution, you know how this feels. It seems as though the projects we work on are actually made of red tape....

A True Story of a Public Safety Security Solution Consulting Project Gone Bad

As we discussed in an earlier blog, public safety security solutions that leverage consultants frequently don’t work out the best for government agencies or the people they serve. It’s not a lack of good intention—most leaders and consultants really are trying to do...

5 Things to Look For in a Public Safety Security Solutions Partner

When you undertake a public safety or security project, there’s a lot at stake - the safety of your community, protecting public property, and the ability to attract tax revenue via businesses and new residents. Therefore, you need to think very carefully about who...


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