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The Comprehensive Assessment & Response for Education Security

School districts and law enforcement agencies everywhere are under tremendous pressure to ensure their schools are safe. While complex, at the top of the list of security needs for district leaders is knowing what’s broken, what will break, and then proactively execute an effective security plan to maximize resource investments.

To move forward with confidence in your security solutions, it’s critical to understand where you are and where you’ve been. With our Campus Assessment we call CARES, ICU will complete a comprehensive analysis that will accurately and objectively assess the safety and security of your district.

Our Campus Assessment Focuses On 3 Primary Areas:

1. The Environment

2. The Facilities

3. Established Processes

Each of these contain numerous elements to assess.


What's Our Current Level of Security?


How Can We Improve Our Safety & Security?


ICU Has Solutions

What is the Goal of the CARES Program?

When you engage with ICU Technologies’ Comprehensive Assessment & Response for Education Security (CARES), you will receive a detailed analysis of threats and vulnerabilities your school district currently faces, as well as specific recommendations for the protective measures required to achieve the appropriate level of protection at a particular site.

It all begins with the scope of the assessment. Every school district has unique needs. We are particularly skilled at getting all stakeholders together and finding consensus on the scope of the CARES assessment. For some, the assessment may be focused on issues of concern, such as an active shooter incident. For others, we will provide a more comprehensive, all-threat assessment approach.

Our recommendations are thoughtfully customized to your district’s needs, goals, and resources. Never just a turn-key solution, our CARES assessment strategic plan is developed just for you.

Threat Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Theft, Burglary, Vandalism Assessment

Violent Crime Assessment

Targeted Violence Assessment

Emergency Process Assessment

Student and Faculty Security Assessment

Core to Our Campus Assessment is ICU’s APPLES Process.

Our purpose-built APPLES process allows you to actively participate in the profound improvements that will result when you partner with ICU Technologies. The APPLES process is objective, effective, efficient, and designed to support your security technology strategy and technology needs for the long-term.

We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of safety technology and technology integration. And it’s our job to keep you “in the know” and always on trend with the best, most cost-effective security technology solutions for school districts.

When you complete the APPLES process, you’ll be confident that all critical decision-making criteria has been collected and analyzed, and that ICU’s recommendations focus on the best, future-forward, most cost-effective solutions available for your unique situation.

Defining the Acronym

We conduct physical facility and site assessments first. Then we evaluate how surrounding community and environmental factors influence your safety and security. We then complete an assessment of your current plans and processes, and compare to current best practices.

We provide a prioritized list of recommendations tailored to the results of your threat and risk environment. We answer the questions, “Where do we start?”, “What’s our biggest bang for the buck?”, and “What do we need to address first?” We recommend. You decide.

Now that the gaps have been identified and prioritized, it is time to create a plan to address those gaps. We incorporate technology improvements and integration, as well as process improvements to create an effective and efficient approach to meet your exact needs.

With the plan created we implement a cohesive and executable plan that is effective, efficient, and operationally feasible. We provide process improvements, cutting-edge sensor technology, incorporate best practices, enhance community partnerships, and utilize our state-of-the-art technology integration process to deploy the right system for you.

This is where we add training to the picture. Utilizing a proven building-block approach we educate your team on improved processes and procedures. We conduct drills and exercises, and we bring you together with first responder community partners. We provide an individualized learning approach that is focused on leadership, administration, faculty, students and families, and also your community partners.

This final step is where we bring everything together. We provide training so you can conduct you own future facility and site assessments. We build on the community-based training in our education phase, and give you an organic capability to sustain your enhanced posture going forward. This is where our systematic process provides you with a true solution.

CARES is Comprehensive

In the August 2020 School Safety Working Group Report to the US AG, “Comprehensive School Security Assessment” was named the number ONE action for school districts to take. Within that action, they strongly recommend working with a Security Management Team, and ICU Technologies is ready to play a critical part of your team.

In fact, both our Campus Assessment and APPLES processes address every one of the ten essential actions recommended in the report to improve school safety. Can your current system and process claim the same?

Ten Essential Actions to Improve School Safety


1. Comprehensive school safety assessment


2. School climate


3. Campus, building, and classroom security


4. Anonymous reporting systems


5. Coordination with first responders


6. Behavior threat assessment and management


7. School-based law enforcement


8. Mental health resources


9. Drills


10. Social media monitoring

Our CARES and APPLES Processes Address Each of These Ten Essential Actions to Improve School Safety

The ICU Difference

Advantages to Partnering with ICU Technologies

We Are Prepared

Our security assessment team has decades of law enforcement, investigative, critical incident response and infrastructure security experience. Our specialists have personally responded to critical school incidents, have trained over 10,000 people in active shooter awareness, and maintain currency by being actively involved in determining best practices and lessons learned from current events.

In addition, we partner with law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services agencies continuously at the federal, state and local levels. We collaborate with other leaders in the safety and security technology industry as well.

We Specialize in Schools

ICU specializes in education safety and security, and our solutions have been developed to meet the unique needs of schools and school districts, large and small, including K-12 and universities. Education is our passion.

We are Invested in Campus Safety

Campus safety and security are near and dear to our hearts. Beyond our professional commitment, our team includes parents of children attending K-12 schools and colleges, as well as spouses who are career classroom teachers. We are personally invested in your safety and security.

Our Customer-Forward Approach is Unique in the Industry

Our Education Industry Expertise Delivers Measurable Results that Make an Immediate Impact

We Help You Break the Silos

Part of our formula is to bridge the gap between departments and combine resources like staff and budgets for a better solution that protects the public and assets.

All of Our Products and Services Have Pre-Negotiated Pricing

Our Proven CARES and APPLES Processes Results in Customized, Strategic Objectives

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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