ICU Technologies, Inc., the leader in public safety security technology solutions, proudly announces Caitlyn Peele has joined our firm as Accountant.

Caitlyn brings her Master’s Degree in Accounting and nine years of experience from the retail industry to ICU’s accounting department. After a long tenure with her previous employer, she found herself ready to take on new challenges. Caitlyn quickly recognized how passionate the ICU team was while interviewing. She knew this would be a great place for her to work and expand her own accounting expertise.

She was also motivated by ICU’s mission. “As the daughter of a teacher I am familiar with the need for safe schools,” explains Caitlyn, adding, “That’s one of the many reasons I decided to join ICU. I’m excited to work for a company that is actively contributing to keeping schools safe.”

Caitlyn is a foster parent, currently fostering two amazing teenage daughters. She is also a dog owner, is a big fan of the San Francisco Giants, and enjoys kayaking on the lake.

Founded in 2010, ICU Technologies offers public safety security technology solutions to local government, law enforcement agencies, and public-school systems from elementary through universities. For more information call 1.530.488.7200 .

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