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Feeling Safe to Report that Something is Wrong

With mental health issues, violence, crime, and substance abuse on the rise, we need to ensure that there are campus safety solutions in place for students, teachers, and staff. With our Anonymous Tip platform, we can make a difference together by giving anyone at your schools a safe, easy and fast way to stand up without being afraid of speaking up.

Districts Struggle to Make and Keep Their Campuses Safe

Now more than ever, we need to ensure that safety solutions are in place for students, teachers, and all campus staff. One of our best assets are our people to avert tragedies.

With the right tools in hand, they can communicate anonymously that something isn’t right, including:

Threatening statements

Comments of self-harm or harm to others

Acts of senseless vandalism

Drug use

Weapons on campus

Assault and other criminal activity

…and more

Together, we can help everyone at our schools stand up without being afraid of speaking up

Through our anonymous tipping solution, we’ve helped stop several terrible events, including school shootings and drug deals. We have also helped connect students in need with district leaders and counselors to get the help they desperately deserve before they hurt themselves or anyone else.

Call today, tipping tomorrow

Implementation of our Anonymous Tip platform is simple and can be “turned on” within hours. Give us a call now to get started.

Creating a safe place to say something

For anonymous tipping to be effective, we need to empower our district’s staff, teachers, parents, and students to be part of the solution to help prevent emergencies and stop threats. That means logging on to an easy-to-use mobile app that lets users say something when they see something.

Benefits of using the K-12 threat intelligence and safety communication platform include:


Assigned texting number for each campus to report tips


Full anonymity in communication


Live video feeds


Video analytics


Automated (AI) threat level tagging of tips to help security staff respond appropriately


Access to campus emergency plans


Communication of urgent information to your school community

Prevent crises before they occur

An anonymous tipping solution is part of the campus security fabric that many districts aren’t currently utilizing for their schools. Every district has staff, teachers, and parents who want needless violence to stop and children to be safe. Together, we can implement the latest technology and advanced tools that contribute to safer schools.

We look forward to talking to you and getting started today.

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