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The ICU difference is in our process. A process we’ve honed over combined decades of experience with technology solutions and government departments, and it is what enables us to deliver comprehensive safety technology solutions.

ICU Technologies delivers exceptional public safety security solutions to government agencies. Whether you’re at the local, state or federal level, our mission is simple: to understand objectives of the stakeholders, design a security solution to accomplish those objectives and create measurable and reference-able business outcomes for all parties.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision


Our Focus is Government

There’s a reason many companies won’t work on government projects: it’s difficult to understand the processes. At ICU, it’s all we do. We’ve built our operations around the proposal process government agencies and our passion and background enables us to be subject matter experts.


We Help You Break the Silos

Part of our formula is to bridge the gap between departments and combine resources like staff and budgets for a better solution that protects the public and assets. It boils down to process: We leverage the process we’ve built over 75 years of combined experience to make joint efforts not only possible, but effective.


This is the Last Stop You Will Need to Make

A lot of our customers have tried to work with other security solution experts, but they don’t leave us for other providers. The reason? This is a partnership, and we’re in for the long haul. Once our clients experience building a strategy and understand that we’re committed to tangible results, they don’t want to leave.

What Our Customers Say About Us

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“ICU came out and listened to our problems. After that, they showed us the new Avigilon analytics technology and how it could help our situation. They even suggested specific camera placement during the initial walk-through. It was a game-changer for us, and we were really impressed with what we saw.”

[/dica_divi_carouselitem][dica_divi_carouselitem title=”Al F., Security/Facilities Director” sub_title=”A California Community College” button_url_new_window=”1″ _builder_version=”4.16″ global_colors_info=”{}”]

“I’ve worked with ICU in the past and am familiar with their GSA/CMAS contract process which cuts through the red tape and makes purchasing and installation as streamlined as possible—especially in an emergency. In uncertain times, some companies might up their pricing, but partnering with companies like ICU which are GSA/CMAS contract holders, protects us as the pricing schedule is in place prior to the emergency and has been approved as being legal, reasonable and competitive.”


Our values drive our execution

What Makes Us Unique

We Focus on the Why

We always dive deep to understand your true objectives. We’re not interested in technology for its own sake, but what result it can deliver to you.

We Know How to Navigate the System

We know the requisition process from beginning to end and can help you navigate those steps quickly with minimal input from you.

We Keep an Eye to the Future

We understand that technology doesn’t stand still. Our solutions are built with an awareness of the impending innovations to ensure they don’t become obsolete before you’ve gotten a value from them.

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ICU Technologies delivers turnkey public safety security solutions with measurable business outcomes to local, state and federal government agencies.

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