4 Hidden Benefits of the Right Pubic Safety Security Solution

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Government Security Solutions

It’s not fun to think about actually using the public safety security solutions we implement for government agencies, but know what’s even worse? Needing them and not having them. The right public safety solution helps with everything from loitering to providing evidence in attempted murder cases. In today’s climate, these tools are necessary to help keep the public we protect safe. But what does that actually mean? Let’s outline four measurable benefits of implementing the right government safety security solution.


In an emergency, saved time means saved lives. While we can’t control the chaos and adrenaline during an event, we can control the automatic notification of critical information to emergency responders. Supplementing the human element and leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to get information into the right hands at the right time can be instrumental in saving lives.


Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for evidence to be found inadmissible in court due to an issue with chain of custody or tampering. Think about all of the resources that go into collecting and documenting the evidence that could help law enforcement get criminals off the street. Wouldn’t it be awful if the wrong person accessing evidence storage erased all of that work? Additionally, much of the evidence collected is caustic, illegal, or even dangerous. A strategic access control + monitoring system provides protection and discovery in the event of a breach of security and could mean the difference between the community pursuing justice on the right party and that party walking free.


A lot of municipal property is tax-funded and keeping that property safe is an integral responsibility of government agencies. If you’ve invested your taxpayer funds into vehicles, buildings, and equipment for the benefit of those taxpayers, the responsible thing to do is keep it safe while it’s not in use. The right safety security solutions can help prevent incidents and provide the right forensic evidence if someone does actually get through.


Speaking of forensic evidence, there are circumstances in which technology can help protect more than just public equipment. In murder cases in gang-infested communities where witnesses are threatened and coerced into silence, the video footage of the attack may be the only concrete evidence available to help put a violent criminal in jail. The knowledge of where to properly place video cameras, how to safely collect and store footage, and how to ensure footage remains admissible in a court of law is vital to help physically protect the people in our cities, states, and country.

The right public safety security solution can have a massive impact on a government agency’s objectives. Let’s talk about your objectives and what we can do to help you.

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