3 Ways TipNow Can Create a Safer Public Environment

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Government Security Solutions, Public Security Solutions

We’ve all seen too many violent tragedies to count in the recent history of the United States, and beyond. While it’s sadly too late to prevent any of those losses, it’s not too late to take the action necessary to prevent these tragedies in the future.

That’s exactly why ICU has partnered with TipNow. Our shared commitment to exceptional public safety security solutions made the relationship an obvious choice. CEO and founder, Cyril Rayan, built TipNow as a reaction to the shock and horror of the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. Their technological innovation and understanding of human behavior make them an invaluable resource for law enforcement agencies everywhere, and a welcome addition to ICU’s portfolio.

TipNow is a real-time, third-party anonymous suspicious activity tipping app that gives the public the power to prevent violent tragedies while providing damaged individuals in our society a way to get the help they desperately need.

Here are Three Ways TipNow Can Help Your Public Entity Become Safer

1.  It Increases Your Field of Vision

The reality of modern law enforcement for schools, universities and cities is that there will never be enough law enforcement officers to see and hear all suspicious activity. Truth be told, they are rarely the group that individuals confide in anyway. When we’re frustrated and depressed, we talk to our friends and family about it, so that’s the group that’s most likely to report on suspicious activity. In fact, when a violent event occurs, it comes to light that someone besides the perpetrator knew about the harmful intent prior to action in 80% of the cases. So, give the power to those with whom instigators confide. The fact that reporting is done through a third-party anonymous app increases the likelihood of utilization.

2.  It Provides a Method for Law Enforcement to Connect the Dots

Most mass shootings are not the first violent outburst from an individual. Many have a history with domestic violence or other types of violent crimes such as arson or vocalizing their intent to harm others. The problem is not a lack of red flags about the potential for future violence; the issue is actually a combination of lack of willingness from friends and family to report that behavior to law enforcement and the ability for law enforcement to organize and analyze the information on a regular basis. TipNow’s reporting functionality is based around the fact that it’s not just singular instances, but the ability to see an aggregate of red flags to identify and neutralize potential threats.

3.  We Can Provide Help for Individuals Who Desperately Need It

Ultimately, experts can agree that mass acts of violence are typically a symptom of a much deeper issue. Many (if not all) active shooters suffer from some form of mental illness. As a society, we cannot address the root cause if we don’t know who is experiencing the symptoms. TipNow helps law enforcement turn what’s typically a reactionary process into a proactive and preventative situation in which those who are desperate and violent can get help without causing harm to the public.

ICU is incredibly fortunate to have TipNow as a partner in our mission to provide exceptional public safety security solutions.

Here is an ABC news story about the role TipNow had in  prevented gun violence on  the College of the Sequoias campus in Visalia, California.

If you would like to learn more about TipNow from an ICU public safety security specialist, schedule a demo with one of our specialists to see exactly how it can help keep your public safe.

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