3 Reasons to Bring Other Departments into Your Public Safety Security Solutions

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Government Security Solutions

If you’re thinking about undertaking a new public safety security project, you know exactly how much is involved in getting funding, facilitating the implementation, and maintaining the technology once it’s been properly installed. It might seem like a huge undertaking and adding other departments into the mix might make a complicated process just that much worse. The truth is that with the right process in place, combining the power of multiple departments might actually be the best option for your next security project.

Here’s why.

1. You Can Combine Security Budgets for a Better Solution

Budget limitations are a reality for most (if not all) government agencies. But there is also the reality that the lowest-cost solutions are often lacking in the elements necessary to effect real change. The processes are non-existent, the post-installation maintenance is strictly up to your team, and the equipment is subpar.

Combining budgets means you have the investment necessary for a solution that helps multiple departments achieve measurable safety objectives. The quality of products, consultation, and support you are able to invest in with multiple budgets could very well mean the difference between an agency that is legitimately safer and one with a solution that doesn’t address all concerns or objectives.

 2. You can Meet the Needs of Multiple Departments

A big challenge for law enforcement in general is the lack of consistent information available between departments. But many of those departments share the same goals. For example, police departments obviously have a vested interest in security cameras located in key areas around the city or state. But don’t schools share that same interest? And maintenance or facilities departments? If we can help you build a plan that combines the needs across many departments, you wind up with a better and more comprehensive solution that helps the entire agency, not just a single department.

3. Keep Key Stakeholders in the Loop

Another challenge within government agencies is that sometimes project or solution needs are not shared and discussed across multiple departments. Collaborating on a master-planned security system means that leadership will be familiar with the system and able to glean helpful information from it even during high-stress situations. Wouldn’t it be great if your police department had immediate access to your security footage or if your maintenance department could see vandalism for themselves, meaning they could be prepared for the cleanup process?

It’s All About Your Partners

The truth is that not just any security safety specialist can help you build and execute a multi-departmental strategy that is effective and sustainable. Most specialists won’t even attempt projects at this scale because they are challenging. At ICU Technologies, we look for the best benefit to you, regardless of size. We have the experience and expertise necessary to implement projects this scale while offering continued support for the projects after they’ve been installed.

Let’s discuss how we can assist with the collaboration between the different departments within your organization to help more leaders achieve more goals for more people today!

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